1.         John Adams - The First Occupant of the White House

2.        John Quincy Adams - The Diplomat President

3.        Samuel Adams - The Father of the American Revolution

4.        Yr Arglwydd Rhys, The Lord Rhys, Rhys ap Gruffydd ap Rhys ap Tewdwr

5.        Saint Armel - The Real Arthur?

6.        Arthur - Arthmael ap Meurig ap Tewdrig, Europe's Greatest Legend

7.        Saint Beuno - The Patron Saint of Computer Technicians

8.        Aneurin Bevan - The Founder and Architect of the National Health Service

9.        Llywelyn Bren - Llywelyn the Ugly

10.     Richard Burton - Film Superstar

11.     Saint Cadog - Founder of Llancarfan

12.     Saint Cadwaladr - Cadwaladr the Blessed, High King of Britain

13.     Caractacus -  An Eternal Memory to the Mercy of Rome

14.     William Cecil - The Architect of Elizabethan England, The Man Who Does Everything

15.     John Charles - Il Gigante Buono

16.     Tommy Cooper - The Comedian's Comedian

17.     Oliver Cromwell - Lord Protector

18.     Dafydd ap Gwilym - Wales' Greatest Poet, The Nightingale of Dyfed

19.     Saint David - The Waterdrinker, The Patron Saint of Wales

20.     Donald Davies - The Computer Engineer Who Made Possible the Internet

21.     Idris Davies - The Miner-Poet

22.     Howel Davis - The Cavalier Prince of Pirates

23.     Jefferson Davis - The President of the Confederate States of America

24.     John Dee - Black Jack, The Magus of His Age

25.     Saint Deiniol - Deiniol the Blessed

26.     Saint Dyfrig - The High Saint, Chief of All the Church in Britain

27.     Gareth Edwards - The Greatest Rugby Player of All Time

28.     Geraint Evans - World Opera Star

29.     Gwynfor Evans - Wales' Greatest Living Patriot

30.     John Evans - The Man Who Opened Up America

31.     Bill Frost - The First Man To Fly

32.     John Frost - Pioneer of British Democracy

33.     Gildas - The First British Historian

34.     Giraldus Cambrensis - Gerald of Wales

35.     Owain Glyndwr - Wales' Greatest Hero

36.     D.W. Griffith - The Pioneer of Cinema, The Father of Film

37.     Gruffudd ap Cynan - The Possessor of Britain

38.     Gruffudd ap Llywelyn - The Head, Shield and Defender of the Britons

39.     Howell Harris - The Father of Methodism in Wales, The Greatest Welshman of his Day

40.     Henry VII - First King of the Tudor Dynasty

41.     William Herbert - William ap William ap Thomas, The First Statesman of a New Era

42.     Anthony Hopkins - Hollywood Superstar

43.     David Hughes - The First Man to Transmit and Receive Radio Waves

44.     Llywellyn Morris Humphreys - Murray the Camel, Murray the Hump

45.     Hywel Dda - Hywel the Good

46.     Saint Illtud - Abbot Illtud the Warrior

47.     Iolo Morganwg - Edward Williams, Saviour of Welsh Culture

48.     Thomas Jefferson - President, and Author of the Declaration of Independence

49.     Augustus John - Society Painter, 'Supreme Draughtsman' and Bohemian

50.     Bobby Jones - The Greatest Amateur Golfer Ever

51.     David Jones - Poet-Painter

52.     Griffith Jones - The Man Who Made Wales the Most Literate European Nation

53.     Inigo Jones - The Founder of Classical English Architecture

54.     Michael D. Jones - The Greatest Welshman of the 19th Century

55.     Tom Jones - Jones the Voice

56.     Meriwether Lewis - The Greatest Pathfinder America Has Ever Known

57.     Saunders Lewis - The Greatest Figure in Welsh Literature in the 20th Century

58.     Owain Llawgoch - Yvain de Galles, Warlord

59.     David Lloyd-George - The Man Who Won The War

60.     Llywelyn ap Gruffudd - Our Last Prince

61.     Llywelyn ab Iorwerth - Llywelyn the Great

62.     Prince Madoc - The Discoverer of America?

63.     Billy Meredith - Football's First Superstar

64.     Merlin - Arthur's Wizard

65.     The Miner - The Welsh Hero

66.     James Monroe - The Era-of-Good-Feeling President

67.     Captain Henry Morgan - The Greatest Buccaneer

68.     John Pierpoint Morgan - 'The Most Powerful Man in America

69.     Bishop William Morgan - The Translator of The Bible

70.     John Nash - The Architect of the Regency Period

71.     Richard 'Beau' Nash - The King of Bath

72.     Nennius - The Historian of the Britons

73.     Ivor Novello - Filmstar and Musical Playwright

74.     Owain Gwynedd - The Bulwark of All Wales

75.     Robert Owen - The Founder of Socialism, The Most Popular Man in Europe

76.     Saint Padrig - The Apostle of Ireland, 'The Most Famous Welshman in the World'

77.     Pelagius - Morgan, The True Christian

78.     Thomas Picton - The Hero of Waterloo

79.     Richard Price - The Most Original Thinker Ever Born in Wales

80.     Dr William Price - Chartist Free-Thinker and Republican Doctor

81.     Robert Recorde - The Mathematician Who Revolutionised Algebra and Invented the = Sign

82.     Rhodri Mawr - The Greatest of All the Kings of Wales

83.     Henry Richard - The Apostle of Peace, The Member for Wales

84.     Bartholomew Roberts - Black Bart, The Last and Most Lethal Pirate

85.     Charles Rolls - Aviation Pioneer and Founder of Rolls-Royce

86.     Bertrand Russell - The 20th Century's Most Important Liberal Thinker

87.     Richard Salesbury - The Most Learned Welshman of His Day

88.     H.M. Stanley - John Rowlands, The Man Who Found Livingstone

89.     Taliesin - One of the Greatest Bards

90.     Saint Teilo - Bishop of Llandaff, Founder of Llandeilo

91.     Dylan Thomas - Wales' Best-Known Poet

92.     Edward Thomas - War-Poet, The Poet's Poet

93.     Frederick Hall Thomas - Freddie Welsh, The Welsh Wizard

94.     R.S. Thomas - The Poet-Priest, The Solzhenitsyn of Wales

95.     Sidney Gilchrist Thomas - The Man Who Created the Modern Steel Industry

96.     Jimmy Wilde - The Mighty Atom, The Ghost with the Hammer in his Hand

97.     David Williams - Founder of the Literary Fund, French Citizen

98.     William Williams - Pantycelyn, Wales' First Romantic Poet

99.     Richard Wilson - The Founder of British Landscape Painting

100.  Frank Lloyd Wright - The Greatest American Architect of All Time


The Language Problem - Excerpts from 'An A-Z of Wales and the Welsh'

The Language Problem - Excerpts from 'The Book of Welsh Saints'

The Death and Defeat of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Prince of Wales, December 1282 by Anthony Edwards

Notes on Llywelyn ap Gruffudd's Death by T.D. Breverton

'Chalice' - a poem by David Jervis (T.D. Breverton)


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