The Path to Inexperience

The Path to Inexperience

The Path to Inexperience

by T.D.Breverton

Paperback, 148 pages, 15 Illustrations
ISBN 1-903-529-077

Price £11.99

Terry Breverton is well known as a tireless recorder of welsh achievements in many fields. In this poetry collection, he allows us a glimpse of the tumultuous feelings that drive him. A tortured energy rushes through this book. There is bitter anger, a keen sense of injustice, national pride, compassion, fear of loss. The images whirl. He jokes and parodies, he gets drunk on words; and there are quieter moments too. Sometimes he gives us a long 'found poem' like his 'inventory' of statistics about the suffering of the miners of South Wales, where the plainly stated facts are the agonised poem; or his final 'partial list of endangered species' with their evocative and often musical names. It is good to know that out of this turmoil have come - and are still coming - books so positive in their celebration of Wales, its people, history religion and arts." - Ruth Bidgood.

His poetry has been recommended by the Nobel Laureate R. S. Thomas and the Poet Laureate Ted Hughes.

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