Great Welsh Men

Great Welsh Men

Great Welsh Men

by T.D.Breverton

Paperback, 376 pages, ISBN 1903529034

Price £18.99

This book brings to light the fabulous history and achievements of the Welsh people, and is the start of a series (100 Great Welsh Women will be published in 2001).

Apart from poets, saints, four American Presidents and Hollywood superstars, we can find the following entries: The Father of the American Revolution, Arthur, Merlin, The Architect of Elizabethan England, Il Gigante Buono, The Lord Protector, The Hero of Waterloo, The Comedians Comedian, The Computer Engineer who made possible the Internet, The True Christian,The Worlds's Greatest Buccaneer, The First Man to Fly, The Greatest Boxer of All Time, The Most Popular Man in Europe, A World Statesman who Won the Great War and Shaped the 20th Century, The Founder of the National Health Service, Black Jack, The Most Famous Welshman in the World, The Greatest Rugby Player of All Time, The Inventor of the = Sign, The Founder of Britain's Greatest Dynasty, The President of the Confederate States of America, The Greatest of All The Kings of Wales, Wales' Greatest Hero, The Last and the Most Leathal Pirate, The Pioneer of Cinema, The Inventor of Radio, The First British Historian, The Man who Created the Modern Steel Industry, The Head, Shield and Defender of the Britons, Murray the Camel, The World's Greatest Golfer, Football's First Superstar, The Most Powerful Man in America and The Man Who Found Livingstone.

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