Admiral Sir Henry Morgan: The Greatest Buccaneer of Them All

Admiral Sir Henry Morgan: The Greatest Buccaneer of Them All

Admiral Sir Henry Morgan:
The Greatest Buccaneer of Them All

by Terry Breverton

Paperback, 214x136 mm, 164 pages, ISBN 9781903529171

Price £11.99

An entertaining and well-researched volume which aims to debunk the myth that Henry Morgan was an over-zealous cruel criminal; he is depicted here as a superb military tactician and strategist who led a dozen successful campaigns against the greatest military power in the world, and was rewarded for his leadership in battle with the governorship of Jamaica.

"This comprehensive and authoritative biography of famous Welshman and buccaneer, Sir Henry Morgan, dispels the myth that he was a brutal and sadistic criminal. It shows instead how he became not only a successful naval campaigner but also an Admiral, the governor of Jamaica, and knighted to boot.

The gripping history of this farmer's son charts his progress from birth in South Wales to his arrival in the West Indies and then follows his career as he swashed and buckled his way into the history books.

Terry Breverton has masterfully captured the persona of Sir Henry Morgan using a wealth of in-depth research, which captures every imaginable aspect of life on the sea from piracy and literature to the language of the time.

The text is interspersed with sketches and photos while footnotes aid the reader's understanding. Entries include poems and songs relating to Sir Henry Morgan and there is even a comprehensive inventory of his estate, which gives a fascinating insight into daily life in the late seventeenth century. This totally absorbing book is a must for anyone interested in studying piratical or nautical history."

Patricia Anne Craig

A review from, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council.

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