Black Bart Roberts

Black Bart Roberts

Black Bart Roberts

by T.D.Breverton

Paperback 206 pages, ISBN 1-903529-12-3

Price £8.99

THE LEGENDARY BLACK BART ROBERTS is reminded for bringing transatlantic shipping virtually to a standstill and for commanding multinational crews of feed black slaves and senior pirates who called themselves 'The House of Lords'. Ranging across the seas from Europe to the Americas and back to Africa, 'The Great Pyrate' took over 400 ships in his brief career (the notorious pirates, Blackbeard and Captain Kidd took only about 30 between them).

In this absorbing account of the intriguing like of Black Bart (who first went to sea as Bartholomew portrays a pirate who was no mere gap-toothed swashbuckling drunkard, but a teetotal Christian who dressed in red silks from head to toe, wore the tremendous diamond cross of the King or Portugal, and ordered his musicians to play hymns on Sundays. His death in battle 1722 was followed by the greatest pirate trial of all time.

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