The Pirate Handbook

The Pirate Handbook

The Pirate Handbook

by T.D.Breverton

Paperback 286 pages, ISBN 1-903529-13-1

Price £9.99

We hear the terms, steer clear of, bit the deck, don't rock the boat, to harbour a grudge and the like, and give little thought to their nautical origin. Thos alphabetical 'handbook' is written to be entertaining as well as informative, to give a flavour of these interesting times from the 15th to the 18th centuries, when pirates controlled many sea lanes.

Just A-B section following, the reader will find the origin of country 'bumpkin', a 'brace of shakes', 'born with a silver spoon', 'booby prize', 'to take on board', 'above board', 'bombed' (in the sense of being drunk), the 'blues', 'blind-side', 'blind drunk', 'the pot calling the kettle back', 'reach the bitter end', 'wasters' (in the sense of people being useless), 'ahoy', 'all at sea', 'to keep aloof', 'piss-artist', 'taken aback', 'barbecue' and 'bamboozle'. Other colourful terms which have passed out of common usage, such as 'bring one's arse to anchor' (sit down), 'belly timber' (food), and 'bog orange' (potato) are also included, as well as important pirate haunts and technical terms.

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