Glamorgan Seascape Pathways

Glamorgan Seascape Pathways

Glamorgan Seascape Pathways

by T.D.Breverton

Paperback 144 pages, ISBN 1-903-529-115

Price £10.99

52 coastal walks from Cardiff through the beautiful Southern Vale of Glamorgan to the start of the Heritage Coastline at Aberthaw. You will discover unknown churches, hillforts, burial chambers, castles and flora and fauna. This unique book is lavishly illustrated with 97 new photographs (63 by Cathy Crompton, 17 by Terry Breverton, 13 by Martin Green, 2 from the Vale of Glamorgan Council and 2 from the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation).

Glamorgan Seascape Pathways is “well-researched and well written… a lot of information but it is presented in a totally accessible and user-friendly manner… a good idea for a book, one that will be useful to anybody who is interested in the topography, geography and history of the southern Vale of Glamorgan, either as a walker, or as an armchair traveller… fascinating”. Phil Carradaice, write and broadcaster

The book covers 12 short linked walks along the coast linking the end of the Heritage Coastline at Gileston/Aberthaw with Cardiff Bay. There was an intention by the former South Glamorgan County Council to make this ‘the Glamorgan Seascape Pathway’, a continuous right of way via Barry and Penarth, hence the book’s title. There are another 40 walks inland from, but in sight of the Bristol Channel, making a short walk for each week of the year. However, walks may be linked, and many are circular. 

Sites of outstanding natural beauty, and of architectural interest, are included in the walks, and the book received an ARWAIN Millennium Award from the Wales Council for Voluntary Action, because of its intention of saving these routes from any further development and encouraging people to become more healthy.

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