Glyn Dwr's War

Glyn Dwr's War

Glyn Dwr's War
The Campaigns of the Last Prince of Wales

by G.J.Brough

Paperback, 212 pages, ISBN 1-903-52906-9

Price £13.99

'Glyn Dwr's War' tells the true story of a nation's fight for liberty against overwhelming odds. This chronology of the war against England details not only the savage fighting, sieges, ambushes, full-scale battles and assassinations, but also the political manoeuvrings, alliances and the re-birth of a nation.

The book begins with flashes from Wales' forgotten military past, and explains how the culmination of years of cruelty inflicted on the Welsh people finally ignited a nation, and brought the fire and tumult of war to the land.

Such a compilation of the known facts of these campaigns is unique though much remains lost in the depths of history. 'Glyn Dwr's War' is the story of the Welsh nation at one of its most crucial moments.

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