Monday, May 31, 2010

The Disgrace of Windfarms


Can anyone dispute these figures?

At present it is already fairly horrendous that Wales has 528 wind turbines to England’s 676. England has 50,352 square miles, and Wales has 8,018 square miles. Thus the density in little Wales is .065 turbines per square mile and in England .013 turbines.


There are applications outstanding for another 403 wind turbines across Wales, including a huge one on the unspoilt peat boglands of Nant-y-Moch where Glyndwr’s victory secured Welsh nationalism. (The destruction of peat bogs releases more captured carbon than wind turbines can ever save, and kites, buzzards and wildlife will be killed). Another 81 wind turbines have consents.

Wales only has 5% cent of UK POPULATION. England has 83 per cent. So England has almost 17 times the electricity consumption of Wales, and England’s rightful share of wind turbines is being dumped on Wales.

Labour with the disgraceful Forestry Commission/TAN 8 fix wanted to ‘lead’ the way in Wales for clean electricity. They seemed to lose sight of Tories and LibDems claiming to want wind energy, but not in their middle-class homelands of the Cotswolds, Chilterns, Malverns and North and South Downs. There is not one turbine in Shropshire, compared to hundreds in neighbouring Powys. Try finding a wind power station (they are not farms) in our neighbouring counties of Worcester, Gloucester, Hereford, Shropshire and Cheshire!

Do these areas seriously compare with the Cambrian Mountains and Nant-y-Moch in beauty, wildlife, or environmental impact? Wales is already more than self-sufficient in energy, without all this environmental and economic dysfunctionalism to pander to political half-wits with no scientific understanding.

We use 2000MW in Wales; we generate 4000MW without counting wind; we are building a 2000MW gas fired station in Pembroke and an 800 MW one at Uskmouth. There will soon be a new nuclear power station at Wylfa. So we will soon GENERATE 6800MW IN WALES, 4800MW MORE THAN WE NEED.


Yet – we are going ahead pell-mell with new wind-powered intermittent energy plants (they are NOT FARMS). The new turbines are over 400 feet high and can be seen for miles in this small country. They are a noise nuisance. They kill birds and bats. (The RSPB disgracefully accepts money from a foreign windfarm operator to keep quiet (see They destroy archaeological sites. They despoil the environment. They are an ecological disaster. They will kill tourism, Wales’ only industry.

JUST THINK – we place a new wind energy plant in the hills. Everything is imported by sea, and over land, hurting the Balance of Payments in this impoverished country. The effect on the roads, sewers and pavements in villages and towns is incalculable, with these massive loads. Traffic has to be halted, trees cut, and new access roads built. New substations have to be built. Huge concrete plinths have to be inserted into the moors to hold up each turbine (each with an expected life of just 25 years). More sand is taken from off the Welsh coast, and therefore Welsh beaches, which cannot be replaced. There have to be billion pounds of modifications to the National Grid to accept these new wind plants. The alternatives of better insulation on homes, better emission control from energy plants, wave power – all offer far better solutions.

This is not to mention the fact that rainforest destruction, over-farming of the seas and the methane emissions of livestock are of far greater menace to any climate change.


NOT ONE conventional or nuclear power station will close because of this race to build wind turbines. None have closed in Denmark, the world leader in wind turbine density, and currently the ‘dirtiest’ emitter of gases in Europe. During the cold spell in February 2010, wind turbines were operating at 0.1% capacity because there was no wind. That is – at a thousandth of their efficiency. They are inefficient even when operating, and their use is only made feasible by massive government subsidies, VIA THE TAXPAYER, of course. No-one pays for these inefficient devices except the people. Every person’s electricity bill subsidises these monsters. No-one makes money except businesses, and the politicians who feed off them when they leave Parliament.

Even if Britain had a wind turbine on every house and in every field – for a huge proportion of the year it would need 100% back up conventional power stations because wind energy cannot be stored, and they cannot operate if the wind is too high or too low. And these conventional stations cannot be turned off or on – they have to keep producing, just like a coal fire in your living room to keep you warm. If you rely on windpower, without having 100% available back-up from normal stations, you will not be able to make a cup of tea, read a paper or watch a TV. That is just consumers – what about offices and industries? Their computers would grind to a halt.

You may have noticed that the weasels who call themselves politicians have stopped referring to ‘GLOBAL WARMING’ and replaced it with ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’. Then again - CLIMATE CHANGE HAS ALWAYS HAPPENED! I was just reading a book about Flintshire, where Bishop John Trefor in 1396 was complaining about his revenues because a large part of his coastal lands had been taken over by the sea. The sea has been rising quietly since the last Ice Age. In the 17th century, the Holyhead coach from London crossed the Menai Straits to Anglesey at low tide.

If there seriously is global warming, and I have not yet come across an independent scientist who can affirm this, then the attempts of Britain, with 2% of global emissions, is pointless. (‘Independent’ scientists do not rely upon governments, quangoes or corporations for salaries or funding. Universities are no longer independent. One of the great tragedies of modern times is that scientists have been ‘turned’ into non-rational beings in return for tenure, prestige or cash). China and India are building hundreds of fossil-fuel power stations. Any attempts by Britain to ‘go green’, even with the half-baked inefficient/ineffective scam of wind plants (see/buy The Great Windfarm Scam by Dr John Etherington) – are doomed to failure.

This is all because the multimillionaire public schoolboy who is so scientific that he cannot email, promised the bloated EU that Britain would have 20% green energy by 2010. Hands up Anthony Blair – yet another fine mess left by the greedy lying moron. The following article is from the Evening Standard - YOU COULD NOT MAKE THIS UP!

London Evening Standard 26.05.10

Tony Blair to earn millions as climate change adviser

BY Sri Carmichael, Consumer Affairs Reporter

Tony Blair is set to earn millions of pounds advising an American businessman on how to make money from tackling climate change.

The former prime minister will be paid at least £700,000 a year to act as a “strategic adviser” to Khosla Ventures, a venture capitalist firm founded by Indian billionaire Vinod Khosla.

The Californian company bankrolls businesses hoping to profit from technology that helps reduce global warming and carbon emissions.

Mr Blair secured the job thanks to his “influence” and high level international contacts, whom he will be expected to lean on to open doors.

He has told friends he needs £5 million a year to fund his lifestyle.

Khosla Ventures confirmed it was hiring him, but declined to confirm his salary, which was estimated by industry sources.

Khosla said that “with Tony’s advice and influence we will create opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators to devise practical solutions that can solve today’s most pressing problems.”

In a statement yesterday, Mr Blair said: “Solving the climate crisis is more than just a political agenda item; it’s an urgent priority that requires innovation, creativity and ambition.”

He has taken up several lucrative posts since leaving office three years ago. He has a £1 million deal to advise the ruling royal family of Kuwait and has been paid a £4.6 million advance for his memoirs.

Public speaking engagements, which earn him £100,000 a time, are estimated to have brought in another £9 million.