About Terry Breverton

Published by tbreverton on Tuesday, February 16, 2010

After leaving Wales to take a degree in economics and a masters in marketing, I had 24 years in marketing and management consultancy, including being a director of multinational companies. I also worked as a project manager on the largest construction project in the world, in the Khuzestan oilfields, before Ayatollah Khomeini’s return made Iran an even more unsafe place to work. Aged almost 50 I wished to return to Wales, and took a job as a senior lecturer in management in UWIC. I had no idea that Wales was so run-down economically, and at my age had no opportunity of any job outside academia.

After 14 long, long years, and being refused any promotion despite being a Fellow of the Institute of Business Consultancy and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I decided to bite the bullet and walk out of a dysfunctional and nepotistic organisation. During my time at UWIC, despite giving conference papers at prestigious conferences, and an overloaded teaching commitment, there was no opportunity of any advancement.(I twice did not even get an interview for a position of Director of Marketing, despite meeting all the criteria. On the second occasion the post was given to a 24-year-old clerk in UWIC who had failed his degree, and with no qualifications and experience in marketing. Such is life amongst the Taffia and Crachach in Wales!)

A problem upon returning to Wales was to let my children, who were born in England, know what Wales was, and why I was Welsh, not English. (Dad from Barry, mum from Trefeglwys in Montgomeryshire). There was nothing in the bookshops promoting Wales, and Welsh publishers seemed to be scared of referring to our past in any terms but those written by English writers. Even now, I recently listened to an esteemed Welsh history professor, the brother of the Welsh former First Minister Rhodri Morgan, virtually calling Iolo Morganwg a drug-riddled lying junkie. Iolo’s intake of laudanum or whatever was usual at the time - he lived into his 80’s, still writing and fighting for Wales. No-one seems to call Elizabeth Barrett Browning a junkie, but her intake of what are now illegal drugs was far higher than poor Iolo’s. We are our own worst enemies, repeating the lies and misunderstandings of former ‘historians’.

I tried for years to get people interested in a Welsh encyclopaedia written from a Welsh perspective, then wrote ‘An A-Z of Wales and the Welsh’ which took 3 long years to get published in a bowdlerised edition. After that unhappy experience, I realised that anyone can publish - you just need a good printer and money. The first was easy - Jeff Davison in Trefforest. However, financing and selling is much, much more difficult. I was also one of the three founders of Celtitude, a series of Celtic festivals in Cardiff Bay - despite having Alan Stivell and great line-ups, we lost money but paid all the acts. Life goes on - I write about 8 hours a day - all seasons. There are not enough hours in any day to write all the books I wish to write.