About Wales Books

Welsh flag  Wales Books and Glyndŵr Publishing are not for profit enterprises set up to publicise Wales and its achievements with no taxpayer subsidies, assistance or grant-aid. Our independence can act as a focus for those in Wales who believe that the country is ill-served by a London government and politicians of all parties. The country has always been systematically stripped of its wealth since the arrival of the Normans, has been relegated to being the poorest region of the British Isles, and is now one of the poorest parts of Europe, with little economic future for its people.

Only publicity about the country, the heritage, language, culture and betrayal of the original Britons of these islands can help retrieve the situation. The brightest and best children have to leave their country to earn a living. The Welsh people themselves have little knowledge of why the forces of history have moved against them, as their own history is not taught in schools. Yet, for Wales' civilising influence upon world history, democracy and its vital role in the survival of Christianity, it deserves better.

Y gwir erbyn y byd.

Cymru Am Byth.

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